Photography is



I enjoy photographing for many years now and especially since I started with digital photography in 2003. It gives me the opportunity to share my personal view on the world with others. 


Street photography is a unique genre of Photography and my favorite one. My interest in humans and their behavior make me focus on capturing people in different environments and street scenarios. In order to photograph this once-in-a-lifetime moments you have to be ready to capture candid shots that could be lost in a flash.


Moreover,  I enjoy taking Portraits of people in public spaces. I am looking for extraordinary people in exceptional moments.


All my pictures are always made with respect to the person.


I use a Lumix-GX7 to capture ordinary life and a Nikon 5300 or 750 for portraits. Instagram pictures are taken with an iPhone 5s/ 6s.


Thank you for your interest!


Dagmar Baum