Let's go !

In 2015, I launched my own website in order to share my favorite pictures and current projects with you. While solely taking "Streetphotography" pictures with my iPhone for my Instagram profile, the website also focusses on people photography, night shoots and portraits using my professional photo gear.

Adding on to these, I am more than happy to announce the launch of my own blog going one step further and hopefully giving you a more detailed look through my lens by sharing:

- current and upcoming projects and events

- news on photo walks, workshops or interesting exhibitions

- information about used gear, settings/techniques and legal topics on street photography

This will not only serve as a perfect way to organize my work better and give you tips and tricks for street photography but will also be a great opportunity to get in direct touch with you guys.

I appreciate it that you take your time to read my blog, visit my website and Instagram profile and I am looking forward to your comments and feedback.

Thank you,


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