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InstaMeet April 9th, 2016

Saturday, April 9th, 2016 over 40 Instagram users from around Stuttgart met up for an InstaMeet at the SI Centrum in Stuttgart. InstaMeets are a wonderful way for us to gather together and test our creativity by exploring a specific location through individual perspectives.

This weekend we discovered the photogenically corners of the SI Centrum in Stuttgart. The SI Centrum combines a great musical world, a casino which invites you to play your bets and at least a huge cinema.

Well.....many interesting hotspots around this area waited to be discovered!

All of us took a lot of pictures and you can find them on Instagram by using the following hashtags:

#igersstuttgartxSicentrum, #StuttgartMeetRocky,#igersstuttgart

Once again it was a great opportunity to network with each other, to explore interesting settings and let our creativity flow.

A huge „Thank you“ to our organizers from Instagram Stuttgart and to the Marketing team from SI leading us through this location.

Now I like to show you some of my pictures which I took inside the SI Centrum. The light situation was a challenge without using a tripod, but the colourful interieur had to be captured! For this pictures I used my Lumix GX7 with a 12-35mm/ f 2.8 lens.

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