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Street photography is my favourite genre of photography and I love walking around with my camera especially in cities where I am just a visitor. Capturing candid moments that tell us a story is my main goal. Sometimes it doesn't work and I return at home without a picture which is worth being shown. When I discover a foreign city I focus on one or two areas to photograph "daily life". Street photography is not about collecting pictures of places of interests. Street photography considers fleeting scenes in a public space. When you look long enough around the corner, you find all the beauty, the moments of expression and social interaction all around you. Exciting! With a bit of luck you can find the „decisive moment“.

Last weekend I spent a few days in Berlin, an amazing city with a lot of places full of history as well as others with individual urban atmospheres and lifestyles. It´s always a hard decision which corners of Berlin I like to rediscover!

This time I chose the "Hackesche Höfe" and the "East Side Gallery" and I´d like to share a few pictures. All of them I took with my Lumix GX7.

Hackesche Höfe

This ensemble is a rare example of "art nouveau" architecture in Berlin. It is a vibrant urban quarter and combines art, work, gastronomy and entertainment. The "Hackesche Höfe" are inner courtyards located in the historic „Scheunenviertel" in the "Spandau" suburb of Berlin. They were built in 1904 as a series of buildings to be connected by inner courtyards, and you can find appartments as well as shops and restaurants. In 1997 the restoration of "Hackesche Höfe" was completed. A walk through the ensemble is always interesting. Moreover don´t miss "Sophienstraße" which is quite close to the "Hackesche Höfe". "Sophienstraße" has the typical old charme of the suburb of Spandau. The artistically designed „Sophie-Gips-Höfe" invite you to step in and enjoy the urban atmosphere.

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East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is an international memorial for freedom and a symbol of hope and friendship. It is a 1,3 km long section of the Berlin Wall located in the "Mühlenstraße". The Gallery shows you 105 paintings by artists from all over the world. Unfortunately a lot of the paintings are badly damaged with overpainted graffiti and overwritten signatures by tourists. It´s unbelievable that people do not show respect for this wonderful example of an international and unique art. Meanwhile the restoration has started. But still a big part of the wall is behind a fence so you can´t take a picture of it. What a shame.

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